Entry for September 30, 2006

Spartan Environemtnal Technologies is a supplier of chemical oxidation and disinfection systems for air and water treatment applications for industrial and governmental customers.  We hope to communicate useful information about our industry to our customers, representatives and other visitors to our website.

In this first entry in the blog, we would like to discuss the International Ozone Association (www.IO3A.org) and the recent conference sponsored by the Pan American Group in Arlington, TX September 18 through 20. 

The IOA was formed in 1973 to serve as the focal point for technology transfer and developments on ozone-related issues. For this purpose, IOA has served as the central , worldwide gathering and disseminating point on ozone information, bringing together scientists, engineers, systems designers, technologists, equipment manufacturers, and end users to share their experiences and research data on ozone and other related oxygen compounds.

 The IOA is a not-for-profit educational association which performs its information-sharing functions through sponsorship of international symposia, seminars, publications, and the development of personal relationships among ozone specialists throughout the world. Towards achieving this goal, IOA has conducted a wide range of programs covering such fields as:

    – Generation of ozone from air or oxygen by corona discharge or by ionizing radiation

    – Mass transfer of ozone into water and wastewater

    – Chemical reactions of ozone for commercial organic syntheses

    – Drinking water treatment for disinfection and for oxidation of pollutants

    – Ozone treatment for preservation of fruits and for food processing

    – Stratospheric reactions of ozone

    – Development of reliable analytical procedures for ozone

    – Materials of construction for ozone use 

    – Ozone safety and health effects

Membership participation in IOA programs is conducted through one of three regional groups. All members in North, Central and South America receive their membership services from and belong to the Pan American Group [PAG].  All members in other countries of the World, excluding Japan, receive their membership services from and belong to the European African Australasian Group [EA3G].   The Nippon Islands Group [NIG] handles membership and services for Japan.

Membership in the IOA is open to any individual or corporation having a direct or indirect interest in the development and advancement of ozone technology. 

The Arlington meeting featured a wide range of papers covering medical, agricultural, food processing, industrial and municipal applications of ozone.  The title of the conference was “Ozone: Delivering Multiple benefits”.   The idea behind conference title is that ozone can achieve many water treatment objectives in a single chemical such as disinfection, oxidation and micro flocculation without the formation of any adverse by products.  The quality of papers was very good.  Proceedings will be available from the IOA at the website referenced above.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex which includes Arlington has the highest concentration of ozone generation capacity for drinking water treatment in the US and possibly the world.  Approximately 1.6 billion gallons of water are treated everyday with 75,000 lbs/day of ozone in this metropolitan area.  In addition, ozone is also used by many local commercial and industrial companies on applications including microelectronics, cosmetics, zoos & aquariums, agriculture, food processing, air treatment, beverage, pools & spas and wastewater treatment and reuse.As a result, informative tours were provided for conference attendees.

The next major IOA conference will be the World Conference held next August in Los Angeles, CA.  Los Angeles is another major center of ozone use in drinking water as well as other applications.  The World Conference will be held in conjunction with the International UV Association.  Both associations are structuring a meeting with keynote speakers and seesion chairs that are leaders in their respective fields of expertise.  This should make for an excellent selection of papers and stimulating discussion.  A call for papers is currently in place for the World Congress.

I would encourage you to think about attending the IOA World Congress and if applicable submitting a paper.