Entry for November 16, 2006

The International Ozone Assocaition and International UV Association are jointly sponsoring a World Congress in Los Angeles August 27-30, 2007.  The World Congress will include presentations (both oral and poster) and an exhibition of ozone and UV related technologies.

Currently, the IOA and IUVA are soliciting papers for the Congress.  Abstracts are due by January 31, 2007.  Topics for ozone and UV realted papers include:

Disinfection, Emerging Contaminants, Chemical and Biochemical Reactions, DBP Formation and Control, Ozone Generation and Contacting,  Waste Water Treatment, Small Systems,  Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOT),  UV Source Technologies, UV Reactor Design/Modeling/Validation, UV Photochemistry and Photobiology, UV Measurements, Ozone and AOT Reactor Design, Food and Agricultural Applications, Air and Surface Treatment,  Commercial-Industrial Applications, Ozone Solubility Workshop, Aquaculture/Aquarium/Spa &Pool, Regulations and Synergistic Processes.

Abstracts can be sent to the either of the Co-Chairmen of the Conference:

Daniel Smith, Ph.D. (Co-Chair IOA)

Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering

Edmonton, AB Canada

Phone: 780-492-4138, Fax: 780-492-0249

E-mail: dwsmith@ualberta.ca

IOA www.io3a.org


Mohamed Gamal El-Din Ph.D. (Co-Chair IUVA)

Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering

Edmonton, AB Canada

Phone: 780-492-5124, Fax: 780-492-8198

E-mail: mgamalel-din@ualberta.ca

IUVA www.iuva.org

Papers from Scientists and Engineers based around the world that are working on ozone and UV related research will be making presentations and leading the sessions.

We encourage you to consider attending this event to learn about rapidly emerging technologies for environmental improvement.


Entry for November 12, 2006

Ozone Generator Standard NSF/ANSI 222

NSF International (NSF), the Water Quality Association and the International Ozone Association (IOA) developed the subject standard to provide a method to evaluate ozone generator production performance and establish minimum requirements for the ozone generator materials, design and contruction.   The standard applies to smaller ozone generators with production of 500 g/hr of ozone (26.4 lbs/day).   A copy of the standard can be obtained from the NSF at www.nsf.org.  One can also call the NSF 734-769-8010.

One of the reasons for the development of the standard was to allow smaller users, that might not have the technical capability to evaluate ozone generators individually, to benefit from the knowledge of independent organizations skilled in water treatment and ozone generation.  Knowing that an ozone generator meets NSF 222 allows companies and governmental entities to compare competitive ozone generators on a common basis.

Purchasers of a small ozone generator should review NSF 222 whether or not the unit ultimately purchased is made to the standard.   Reviewing the standard will allow the buyer to understand important aspects of ozone generator performance.

Spartan Environmental Technologies supplies ozone genrators that conform to NSF 222.