Entry for April 10, 2009

A small regional dairy food processor recently topped the BRW Fast 100 list as the fastest growing business in Australia.  Longwarry Food Park, Victoria, manufactures powdered milk, mainly for export, and has recorded an amazing 423 per cent average growth over the past three years. It is the only privately owned milk powder company in Australia and this stunning result was achieved while delivering significant water and energy efficiencies.

Processing powdered milk is a water intensive process and so such high efficiency can make or break a company like this one.  According to Dairy Australia, a milk powder plant typically uses 1.5 liters of water per liter of milk processed.  Currently he company only uses 0.85 liters of water  per liter of milk.

Longwarry plans to further reduce water use by implementing ozone based water treatment to enable greater reuse of water with the goal of reaching 0.5 liters of water per liter of milk produced.

Ozone water treatment systems are used in many water recycling/water reuse applications because the ozone can remove organic contaminants and disinfect the water at the same time.  This is especially attractive in applications where rinse water is used to clean tanks when batches of products are completed.

Spartan Environmental Technologies supplies ozone water treatment systems for a variety of applications.