Salt Lake City Uses Ozone to Improve Water Quality

Salt lake City uses ozone at two of its facilities: Little Cottonwood (LCW) and Point of the Mountain (POM). LCW has Utah’s first and largest ozone drinking water treatment system, two ozone generators each sized at 3,750 lb/day of ozone. The facility can treat 143 MGD of water. The plant can dose ozone at 3.5 ppm during times when taste and odor control are required or as low as 1 ppm during normal operation. The ozone provide a 0.5 log reduction of Giardia. the system became operational in 2009.

The new POM plant can produce up to 950 lbs/day of ozone delivering an ozone dose of 3 ppm. It is capable of treating 70 MGD. This system also employs a UV disinfection system down stream of the ozone to allow achievement of the LC2ESWT rule as well as stage 2 disinfectants/disinfection byproducts rule. POM thus has a multi-barrier treatment system with complementary technologies.

Both of the improvement projects were part of a $250 MM capital program. The improvements now allow Salt Lake City to meet future regulations while providing its customers with high quality good tasting water. The large financial commitment illustrates the foresight of the water districts leadership.


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