Ozone Eyed for Ballast Water Treatment

In previous posts we have noted work on the use of ozone in ballast water treatment. IMO rules will require ships to treat ballast water to prevent the transport of invasive species across the globe. As an example of invasive species brought to the US via ballast water are zebra mussels.

The new rules will require the use of ozone, UV or other chemicals to treat the water. The US EPA ETV project has already identified ozone and UV as viable technologies. Currently, a few hundred ships have been equipped with such systems including ozone water treatment systems, but in the next decade over 50,000 systems will be needed at a cost of up to $1,000,000.

To be accepted for this application, manufacturers need to pass IMO certification for their systems. An expensive and time consuming process that can cost millions of dollars. Many ozone generator manufacturers and others are aggressively pursing this course.

If ozone becomes the primary biocide for this application, it is likely to be the largest single application for ozone.


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