Ozone Systems Market Expected to be $1.25 billion in 2020

A recent market study by Persistence Market Research suggests that global market for ozone technology market was $715 million in 2013 and is expected to grow to 1,242 million in 2020.

Ozone technology is used for a wide variety of applications, but primarily for water purification, disinfection and the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants. Ozone technology equipment has promising growth rate in the waste water treatment equipment, in municipalities, and other water treatment segment which include swimming pools and spas. This growth is attributed to the many benefits associated with the technology. High oxidation potential, quicker processing time compared to other traditional disinfection techniques, with no harmful by-product.

The increasing global health concerns due to surge in urbanization, increasing water contamination and increasing level of industrialization are driving the ozone technology market globally. The government expenditure on upgrading water infrastructure has increased in the past decades across all regions., Municipalities are upgrading from traditional chlorine-based disinfection to UV and ozone technology based disinfection which has boosted ozone technology market. There is also an interest for both municipalities and industry to remove organic contaminants from water, ozone and ozone based advanced oxidation processes have been found to be useful in this regard. Water treatment related regulations in some of the countries are also compelling water and waste water service establishments to modify their water treatment techniques to improve safety level of water.