Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Find Opportunities in Fracking Water Treatment

Fracking has created a large application for various water treatment technologies such as ozone and advanced oxidation processes. Both processes have been used to either breakdown organic contaminants in the water, remove Fe and other minerals or for disinfection of the water prior to injection. An advantage of ozone based processes is that the ozone is made from air and after reaction breaks down into oxygen, leaving no dangerous byproducts and simplifying logistics.

The stock market is starting to take notice. Environmental services stock Heckmann Corporation soared nearly 38% on the NYSE after announcing the acquisition of privately held Power Fuels for $125 million in cash and 95 million shares of stocks. Both companies are involved in fracking water treatment. Ecosphere, which uses ozone based processes, is also a public company drawing a lot of attention.

As the use of fracking continues to expand, ozone and advanced oxidation should continue to see increased usage.